How To Learn Internet Marketing and Make Money from It

Hey what's going on this is Erin Chen and if you're watching this video you're probably looking for some information on
how to learn internet marketing so we'll cover that in a minute see you soon [Music]
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video alright but what we're gonna talk about today is how do you actually learn internet marketing ok internet marketing
is one of the most powerful skills that you can learn in this day and age it doesn't matter what year it is whether
it's 2020 or 2025 or 2030 the Internet has literally taken over the world I mean if you think about it right now
you know you probably have a cell phone right you have access to the Internet pretty much 24/7 and what's going on
well people are building businesses online people are selling products on the Internet people are making money
using the internet now I saw this trend back in 2009 so that's like you know 11 years ago right I saw this whole trend
going on I saw all these YouTube superstars coming up and I was just like man I want to get a piece of that pie
you know and the thing about internet marketing is the pie is big all right it is huge think about this there's more
than 7 billion people in the world and 50% of them have access to the Internet so that's roughly about 3.5 billion
people that have access to the Internet either on their cell phone a laptop or a computer
all right so even if you get a small little teeny-weeny little piece of that pie that's still a huge piece of that
pie right and so I decided in 2009 that I was gonna quit my job at the time you know I had a little bit of money saved
up I'm like I'm gonna do this full-time ok so I did what everybody does I went on the internet and I googled how do you
make money online how do you sell products on the internet how do you you know do internet marketing ok and the
problem is is is that there's just a lot of junky information out there right but the the steps that I was taking was the
right steps because if you think about it if you wanted to learn a new skill let's just say you wanted to learn how
to do the jive right so all you wanted to learn to do the cha-cha what would you do you
would probably seek out a good coach a good teacher you would pay them good money and you would learn how to do the
cha-cha right if you wanted to learn how to play golf what do people do they find a good golf coach and they take all this
ins they go to the driving range they buy a package of ten or twenty and I did that you know a few years ago I might my
golf stinks still right but I did that I bought a package of twenty classes which is not cheap by the way in any country
and I learned from a pretty good coach same thing when I wanted to learn how to play tennis I did that for a year I paid
a coach for a year okay I trained him it with him twice a week your every week for a whole year to learn how to play
tennis on my tennis got pretty good right so internet marketing is the same thing okay if you want to learn a skill
you need to find someone who can teach you that skill and then you need to buy their courses invest in their programs
follow them and learn exactly what they're doing but the funny thing about the Internet is just because the
Internet is free like I could you know log onto my Mac right now and just search for information for free I can go
on YouTube and find lots of information good bad junky real entertainment whatever you want to call it and and and
yet even though it is one of the highest paid skills internet marketing that's what I'm referring to
people are so reluctant to do what they would normally do in real life when they want to learn a real skill which is to
find a coach buy their products pay for their courses and do it the right way right so think about this right if you
wanted to get a job what do you do you grow up you go to high school you pay ridiculous tuition fees and you try and
send your kids to the most expensive universities in the world right now I was lucky enough to go to some pretty
good universities my parents I mean I don't know how they ended up affording paying for those schools because they
were the most expensive schools in the world right and and what did I actually do with that information
well absolutely nothing I'm a finance major I've never been in finance in my life when I graduated University in 2005
from the University of Melbourne you know you know what I did with my finance degree absolutely nothing I joined a
sales company and been doing sales for the last 15 years ended up becoming a recruiter helping
people to find jobs which is quite funny because now I don't I don't work in a job anymore I do internet marketing
full-time but the point I was trying to make is that people you know they they spend all this money trying to learn all
this information to try and get a good job they invest in things you know where they want to learn new skills like learn
how to play tennis or learn how to play golf or learn how to dance or learn how to play the guitar and they're willing
to do all those things but when it comes to internet marketing which is one of the highest paid skills in the world
today bar none ok-hee they are not willing to invest in a program which just completely baffles me it baffles my
mind it doesn't even make sense because the truth is is that when you learn how to do internet marketing properly it's
an asset that no one can take away from you it's just like riding a bicycle once you learn how to ride a bicycle no
one can take that skill away from you no matter what even if you stop riding a bicycle for one or two years you can
just get back on that bicycle and ride away right because it's a learned skill it's an asset that no one can take away
from you if you pay it a tennis coach to learn how to play tennis and we use this example already right and you and you
got pretty good at tennis okay no one can take that skill away from you because that's something that you learn
it's an asset right and so the difference though between learning how to do the cha-cha or learn how to play
tennis socially or to learn how to play golf and to learn how to do internet
marketing is that with internet marketing you can make a lot of money it can change your life completely and in
dramatic ways and I don't even have to tell you how we can change because you probably already know that right you
know aside from the money and the freedom and all that stuff and the you know being able to travel and move
around and you know you have your own time and all that great stuff internet marketing can do that but yet all the
other things that we spoke about time right tennis isn't gonna do that for you learning how to play the guitar isn't
going to do that for you learning how to ChaCha isn't going to do that for you yes maybe you'll make you a little bit
happier alright but it's not gonna change the way dramatically the way that internet marketing can so if you're here
because like Aaron I want to learn how to do internet marketing properly how do I
sell products on the Internet I'm telling you from someone who has been online for 11 years
that you need to go out there and you need to seek someone who can teach you the skills on how to do it because just
like anything else just like cooking just like playing the guitar just like riding a motorcycle just like playing
golf really well just like learning to do the cha-cha or the jive or you know the Lindy Hop or whatever it is my
brother there's a Lindy Hop right you have to take lessons you have to go through a course you have to be willing
to invest money into a program that would teach you these skills that will pay you for the rest of your life all
right now if you're someone who's not willing to do that I'm sorry you're never going
to learn how to do internet marketing properly all right take that from someone who has invested in hundreds of
courses over the last 11 years now unfortunately it's just the way it is there are good teachers and there are
bad teachers right now I've been through a lot of bad teachers in my time I've learned a lot of bad things when it
comes to internet marketing but unfortunately that's just the name of the game and if you want to do well in
internet marketing you're gonna have to see through a lot of these you know unfortunately not-so-great courses but
it's the same as everything else right there if you wanted to learn a golf believe me when I say there are a lot of
bad golf coaches out there okay if you wanted to learn to play tennis believe me when I say there are a lot of bad
tennis coaches out there right sometimes it takes a little bit of time you're just going to have to go through and and
find the right person to teach you how to do that that skill that you're trying to learn the right way okay but let me
tell you something in 2016 when I finally broke through so I fail for for eight years right if you don't know my
story 2009 to 2016 I was smashing my head against the wall over and over and over again buying course after course
flying to the US spending all my money you know just basically wiped out all my savings from from my corporate job right
wiped out all my savings went to internet conferences try to find the right information on how
to do internet marketing properly and I just couldn't do it right when broke ran out of money I literally had $500 left
in my bank account and at that point I had spent fifty thousand dollars in savings crazy
okay and so in 2016 I finally found the right mentor that taught me a couple of things
that literally changed the way that I looked at internet marketing and that's when I finally had my first breakthrough
I started making sales I started making sales everyday I started making a couple of sales every single day all of a
sudden decided to replace my old corporate income and then in April 2019 I my old corporate income alright it was
just incredible the most incredible thing in the world because when you understand how internet marketing really
works and you understand why people want to buy products from you on the internet and when that coin finally drops for you
and it makes a difference and you have that aha moment everything changes it's just like when you play golf and if
you've never played golf before then you won't understand this analogy but for all those golfers you know out there who
are watching this right when you finally figure out how to hit that ball smoothly and go through it and you understand
that it's not about strength it's about the swing and you know the follow-through and you get that
beautiful you hit that sweet spot and it's the same with tennis as well it's the same with baseball when you finally
get that sweet smart internet marketing is exactly the same thing the coin drops and you're like I get it now I get it on
all of a sudden all of a sudden the sales just start rolling and they start rolling and they start rolling in and
your life completely changes but the the important thing to understand is that you need to go through the process okay
this is not a sprint it's a marathon right you're if you wanted to learn how to play tennis you're not gonna learn
how to become a pro tennis player in one week think about that this is a learned skill you have to take the time it's
like going to the gym if you wanted to get jacked right if you were really really skinny or if you're really
overweight you wanted to lose weight you want to get a six-pack do you think you can get a six-pack in one week
absolutely not you know it's something that you have to work at you have to do regularly you have to have the right
diet you have to lift the right weight you have to hire the right personal trainer because again believe me there
are a lot of really shitty personal trainers out there right so it's the same thing internet marketing is no
different to any other skill out there however big differences is that it can change
your life and a lot of the other things won't okay a lot of the other things might make you happy it might give you
some fulfillment or whatever but it's not going to change your life the way that internet marketing can now I know
that you're watching this video right now because you're like Aaron I'm here because I want to learn how to learn
internet marketing right so first of all I want to I want to know what you thought of what we just spoke about over
the last you know eleven minutes or so write in the comments below I'd like to hear your thoughts did you think that
internet marketing is one of those things where you can just jump on YouTube watch 100 free videos and learn
how to become a great internet marketer because you know I'm the chances are pretty high that you were thinking that
I know that because that's what a lot of people think okay they think that you can spend hours on Facebook Instagram
YouTube and all of a sudden learn how to make $100,000 a month or a year or whatever it is online I'm sorry it's not
possible it doesn't work that way okay so I'd like to know what what are some of your thoughts below right what
are some of the ha moments that you've had in this video and look if you can appreciate in this video if you thought
that that you learnt something then please give me some thumbs ups because I would really appreciate that okay now
here's the thing right if you're like Aaron I get it I get it it's a skill I get it that I
need to learn how to do this properly I'd like to learn how to do this properly but like you said there's just
so much garbage information out there where do I go right how do I learn this stuff okay so here's what you need to do
here's the next step alright if you're serious about internet marketing just the way that you need to be serious
about anything if you wanted to learn to lose weight if you want to learn how to lose thirty pounds you have to be
serious about it you can't you know you can't dabble you're gonna go all the way in you've got to do it properly right
and if that's you if you're like her and I'm serious I want to do this I want to change my life this year right all you
need to do click the link right below this video you'll find a little link right there it's gonna lead you to my
website on that website enter your best email address okay because I'm gonna send you a video that
will show you in detail how to do this stuff I've got a free training program alright it's gonna teach you how do you
find great products how do you have the right systems in place what to do what not to do what are all the mistakes that
a lot of brand new internet marketers are making what products should you be selling all that great stuff alright and
if you take it to the next level then there's a way for us to work together completely
up to you of course okay so listen I hope you enjoyed this video today I hope it was I hope it was an eye-opener okay
because a lot of people don't talk about this stuff peoll people talk about is oh how easy it is you know you can make a
million dollars overnight and all that you know crock which is just complete BS by the way okay
now not to say that it's impossible yes it is challenging okay but if you have the right information internet marketing
is not difficult the problem is is you need to find the right information you have to find the right coach the right
information the right strategies and the right tactics and then you have to implement it in your business the right
way so that you can finally have success and I wish you all the best click on the link below if you'd like to
learn more and I'll see you in another video [Music]

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