Free Copywriting Course : Make Money With $0 In 1 Month | 2021

Hi everyone Muffy here in this video I'm going to show you how you can make over $2,000 per month just by writing emails
so in this video and this free course I am gonna go through a few different things so the first thing you're gonna
learn is what copywriting is secondly then we're gonna go over to how you can make money from it as a freelancer like
how you can start just making money from it and thirdly hi I went from being broke to make him thousand pounds per
month just by doing this like honestly it sounds like a like one of those gimmicks where you see people you know
telling you like all these gurus telling you how much money they made but this is honestly like it's a good skill to have
and you can make money from it so I'll show you that and then why it's the best way to make money online for beginners
basically it's free so it's it's that's the main reason and then I'll show you the best resources you can learn it from
so where you can learn how to did I also show you how you can master the skill of copywriting fast and effectively so
basically I'll just show you a highlight you're not gonna become like an expert but you'll become good enough to make
money from it so that's the main thing and then I will show you the best secret weapons for fighting clients so these
are basically just like kill little resources and tips and stuff I find and they have helped you along clients and
make money and then finally how much you're gonna actually charge your clients so yeah let's just get into it
firstly what is copyright copyright is the skill of selling products or services through text so basically
anyone you see like a description or a seals that are Dada is copywriting so if you go on Facebook and you see an odd on
it's got like a big description and there may be a photo the description part is copy that's called odd copy
specifically so um anywhere else you'll see them in like emails and stuff and that's what we'll focus on so basically
you'll see like product emails you'll get like an email from say night or something I never like describing their
new shoe you're like whites will get for you and stuff like that and yeah basically like some more examples like
product descriptions promotional emails newspaper ads and billboards so like even billboards like you'll see like
subway or McDonald's something the mind of like just a mind not still copy so somebody get paid
thousands thousands of dollars just for right in that line so yeah that's pretty cool so the better the copy or the sales
pitches the more sales you can make it's basically the same as any kind of seals like the better you are at selling the
more likely you are to make sales so you just have to really learn how to like properly structured you know the
psychological tips that will get people to buy so how can you make money for it and why is it perfect for beginners
firstly you can become a freelance copywriter writing for companies that already sell products and services and I
create scenarios with your skill so if you're going on emailing companies and say they sell like watches or shoes or
like fitness products and you can go and say look I can write more persuasive emails that you already sanded so you
can make more money because yeah basically better at this than you guys are obviously don't don't say it like
that because nobody's gonna take you on but yeah it's a completely free skill that I earn so it's absolutely perfect
for beginners so if you're looking to get into any online business like drop shipping or like affiliate marketers and
you will need money to start or is with this you busy don't need any money to start like maybe five kind a month to
get like a professional email or something so it's absolutely perfect if you just want to raise money so you can
start drop shipping or any other online business you can make thousands of pints per month depending on how hard you work
now this might seem like obvious or I don't know but it's a lot of people just think okay I can just do this it's
really easy a hop in and make like $5 a month no bar no that's not how it works like you have to learn this and you have
to practice it to actually get good at it it's like any other skill but I think honestly that you could start in like
probably do it like a month and if you work hard enough you get your first client in a month make like a thousand
dollars artherton Pines where they are so yeah TG a vital skill in business as well how to sell obviously this is very
important like if you want to start a business you're gonna need to know how to sell your products to people so this
is really really good way of and like even in life you need to be able to know how to sell the people so
yeah it's a class kill for that and I'm also it's highly in demand so there's always opportunities to make more money
like if you can sell you'll always have a way to make money it's just that simple
so high from broke two thousand pounds per month with copyright number one I learned the basics so this is pretty
simple like I just learned the fundamentals of how to do something and practice it practice it practice it and
somehow I get better at it like it's not rocket science it's just that's how you get better at something um so yeah
number two practice every day just like consistently doing at least like one hour of copy like even just writing an
article reading up a bit or make someone else who's really good at it or I don't know just like anything at all really
just make sure you're practicing like even just like rewrite and copy that you've seen if you see like a successful
advert or something rewrite it in hand because it'll be easier like it just goes into your brain quicker if it if
you hand write something so um number three figured out who I want to write for so you need to figure idea like what
exact companies you want to write for like what nice so for me I chose fitness companies because I'm in like the
demographic of fitness companies who they're with like target their odds towards and I'm interested in Fitness
companies like I wouldn't be interested in writing for a doctor or narshe because I Rea know like I'm not
interested in that stuff I don't wanna sell people like doctors appointments if you know I mean so yeah basically just
figure out something you want to write for and it'll make it a hundred times easier a lot more enjoyable yeah number
four is contact with hundreds of companies three email ninety five percent of which didn't apply at all
yeah this is basically like today's what it's a is like I had a contact hundreds of companies and only like a small
percentage of actually got back and the ones that did get back pay a quite a bit so it really is worth it like and it's
not that hard to send an email like you can send like basically a template email personalizing odwar to details about the
person you're talking to you so doesn't look like a template email but you can basically just make it like an
interesting email that companies want to reply to you because they get a lot of like sales pitches the
people that run these companies so you have to make your email interesting and then just send them one like just
send hundreds of them I per month and you should get a few clients but yeah and then I close the people who are
interested so the people that did reply back even if they said no I'm not interested or no we don't really need
this at the minute and just keep on going back out them like keep on following up because if they take time
to reply they're like 99 percent more interested than someone who didn't reply at all so if you just keep going at
someone they eventually well reply and like maybe take five minutes to hear you and then basically yeah Rodie emails for
them and kept them all as clients so once i got them on the phone and like can't like set up like yeah okay i'll
write one email for you for like three hundred and fifty dollars or whatever and as you can see here I've written one
email and that was one of my first clients and I wrote it for like four hundred dollars and the van I was able
to keep them on for a month and that was like $1,000 a month thing so it was pretty cool and yeah that's basically
how I went from broke to making thousand pounds per month phone so what are the best resources to learn copywriting from
number one is glidecam which is limber this guy called Bob bleh and he basically was like one of the best
copywriters in the world he's still alive yeah he teaches the basics of
copywriting so there's loads are like good resources like just articles and stuff that you can go through and learn
from and then BAE and saddle Kampf which is like you start like an email list where he sends a daily email selling you
his products and stuff but if you go onto his website you can get like thousands of pages of tips on tracks
that he uses and you can just analyze his emails and see what he does well and then you can just like take what he does
well and then apply to your own business so number three is cash Verizon which is like a book I think it's like ten
fifteen quid but it's really really good like it teaches the psychology of salad and like how people work and stuff so
honestly I think you should really leave one or two good copywriting books there's plenty out there like just
Google oh man you'll be able to find some and then forth in my channel and yeah so I'll be
putting up a few more videos like in depth with different topics like how to close a client like how to write better
copy and stuff like that so make sure you subscribe and give a like on the video and then yeah you'll be able to
for more videos ups so how do you master the scale of copyright and fast and this is pretty simple but simple doesn't mean
easy and practice practice practice is what you need to do like you just need to keep on doing every single day so
what I find worked was find the best copy writers and my fitness niche and like analyze what they do and then just
try and copy it and then eventually just learn how to do it myself so I'm not copying other people's like you don't be
copying people's emails word-for-word so yeah just just try not to do that yeah just find the best copywriters and
analyze what they did it so here are my favorite secret weapons for fighting clients so basically these are just
resources you can use to find companies that you want to target like find contact info and stuff for them so
number one is Google Shopping and now this is good for like actually fighting companies and because you need to be
funny like you need to be sending these emails to companies that actually understand the value of like email
marketing so there's no point like fighting two bottles by trying to convince a company that they do need
email marketing whereas like like you should be targeting companies that are already doing it and if they're doing it
they understand like how valuable it is to have like good sales copy so yeah Google shoppin is good because you can
basically just target companies that already understand that it's important to do like digital marketing stuff so
yeah and just like search whatever like Fitness supplement like say you're searching for protein companies just
search protein supplement and then go to Google Shopping and you'll be able to find like a big lesser companies that
are trying to sell you stuff so that's good and then LinkedIn is good obviously like I'm not sure if you've heard of it
but it's just like a social media network it's basically like Facebook for like professionals so you can just
search like a company neom on I'll show you like their mamas and director or their CEO like whoever runs
the business and like makes a decision so job is going to want to target whoever's doing that because I think
there's no point are like contacting somebody that doesn't even make decisions for the company so I think
that is good and then hunter do so this is once you find like the managing director the CEO you want to actually
like you need to get their contact details so you can email them so hunter Dahlia was good on rocketry stock code
basically the same thing see yeah you can just type in their name on their company and then it'll tell you
like their email address or whatever finally this is how much to charge clients so this is not like this is not
like set in stone like everyone's different but this is what I recommend for beginners is what I did so typically
you'll have to set up one email to try and make your time money so they know you're the real data so basically set
them up on like a trial email so a company's not just gonna want to pay you like a thousand pine if they don't even
know if you can actually sell them something and so what I do is just charge like 300 pound for one email and
if that makes them money like I've had clients before where I'll charge them 300 pound for an email I send the email
light and then they are not getting like two and a half thousand pound of just seals from that one email so obviously
they've made like 2200 pine in revenue and they'll be like yeah okay we'll pay a thousand per month if you can keep
getting us results like that so yeah make sure you can target the companies that I can actually afford this because
otherwise you're just gonna waste their time like there's nobody working for free or like I never work for free I
know people just say like oh you get your foot in the door but the way I see it is like if they're making money you
need to be making money as well like you're spending your time on it so if you've got a skill don't do it for free
that's like the Joker said so then I try and close them on a monthly subscription once you've got like a trial email or
something like 90% of the world wanna trial you mail but if for some reason they don't even discharge them like a
thousand times a month if you're a beginner this is like a fair price and this very time dependent
so basically a thousand kind of month we'd get them like one email per week for me at the start I charge a wee bit
more and I just because of a bit more experience and stuff but yeah thousand per month is more than four I think and
you probably get like paypal fees and stuff that will take a bit of money off so it's yeah it's more than enough they
should be making sales these to be making a good living so yeah so that's it for the course and thank you very
much for watching I'm gonna be posting lots more videos like this like a lot more in depth and basically each and
every topic there are so if you want to like and subscribe really really help me out like this takes a bit of time down
at the videos and stuff so like and subscribe ask me any questions if you have a question or anything like
literally email me comments like semi dmn Instagram I'll try and reply to you as soon as you can

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