9 Copywriting Exercises to Improve Your Copywriting Now


Hey it's Neville here and today we're gonna talk about copywriting exercises these are nine of my best tips to get
better at copywriting some of these have to be done on their own and some of these can be done while you're driving
so let's get started copywriting exercise number one is mental ad rewriting this means that
whenever you see an ad you think to yourself how can I make this ad better so let's say you're driving down the
street and you see a McDonald's billboard and it says think big and there's a picture of a Big Mac well in
your head you should think how would I make this billboard better maybe I would say think big get a Big Mac at
McDonald's in two miles that is a mental ad rewrite I would do this all the time in that SkyMall magazine remember
SkyMall on the planes you would see something and it would describe it like a dog water bowl that's automatic and I
would say how could I make this better and I would just mentally think like you know what could I add that would make
someone want to buy this you can do this with Google AdWords Facebook ads Instagram ads just thinking mentally how
you would make something better anytime you see a magazine advertisement what could they add in there or subtract that
wouldn't make you buy that product or be more interested in that product that is mental ad rewriting and you could do it
anywhere anytime and you don't have to have any equipment copywriting exercise number two keep your own swipe file a
swipe file is a folder you keep cool advertisements or cool pieces of copy in a swipe file can be digital it could be
physical it doesn't really matter I have a swipe file on my desktop computer so anytime I see an ad that makes me go
like whoa or something I think is really cool or a page that I really really like and want to emulate later I take a
screenshot of it and drag it into my swipe file folder I also keep a swipe file folder on my phone and nowadays
this is pretty important because most people are browsing the web with their phone therefore a lot of ads are on the
phone so I just hit the screenshot button and save it to a folder called swipe file
now what is supposed to go in a swipe file well I always save things that make me
click on them I say things that make me sign up to him very well I save things that make me
laugh and I also save things that make me go whoa like you know I just learned something
new from this advertisement that was pretty cool screenshot put in a swipe file now the
purpose of this swipe file is that later when you're trying to think of something and you're running out of ideas you can
go back to your swipe file and just start browsing through it and get ideas right away so for example if I'm trying
to write a sales page and I'm down to the pricing part and I'm kind of you know blanking running out of ideas I
just go to my swipe file and there's a section called pricing that I can look through and see how other people are
structuring their pricing pages and then I could take some inspiration or just flat-out copy some of those so make sure
to keep your own swipe file and if you don't have yours already and you want my own personal swipe file you can go to
swipe file i/o and I have my entire swipe file there for free for everyone to use
copywriting exercise number three steak the benefits not the features now there's a lot of talk about benefits vs.
features but here I'll show you an example of a software company that's using a feature on their page that's
very confusing it says our software it can handle multiple core structures of data at the same time which means during
increased load time the server will be stable okay that's kind of a feature that's something an engineer would be
really proud that he created but what do we do if it's a benefit let's turn that into a benefit so this exercise is
turning that feature that's very complex into an easy understand benefit so the benefit would be even if your site gets
featured on the front page of CNN and brings in 300,000 visits per hour your site won't go down see that is a benefit
that people can understand in real life so here's a combination of exercises this is the mental ad rewriting and the
state the benefits not the feature exercise this one I saw for Southwest Airlines I was in the airport and I saw
this big poster and it said get fifty thousand points for signing up to our members program so that's all it just
had a logo in that statement but in my head I was like wait is 50 thousand points a lot or is that a little like
can I fly around the world or can I just take one trip like how much is 50,000 points so the way I would
turn that feature into a benefit is by tacking on the sentence so the whole thing would sound like this get 50,000
points for signing up to our members program that's enough for two free round-trip tickets to anywhere in the
United States see now we told the customer what they're gonna get if they get those 50,000 points so it makes a
little more sense in their head copywriting exercise number four trim trim trim now the whole goal of
copywriting is to take information from one brain and transmit it to a bunch of other brains the point of copy ironing
is not to hit a certain length on an article the point of cooperating is not to be all fancy it's to get information
from one brain to another and therefore if we can make that information shorter and more concise even better one of my
favorite quotes from Joe Sugarman is long copy is okay long winded copy is not okay
so let's take some long winded copy and make it into a very trim and concise thing so here's a long winded version
for an aviation company we have higher expectations for ourselves and we'd like to introduce you to our offering which
contains a variety of tools and services for the aviation industry our primary purpose is using computer solutions to
make aviation more comfortable and safe for the command and blah blah blah blah blah boring very very long-winded let's
trim it down one level this means we just go through that text we just wrote and trim out some parts that aren't
super necessary so the trim down version would be our primary purpose is to use computer solutions to make flying safer
and more comfortable for every passenger of an airplane okay cool now let's take that one and trim it down one more time
and it would sound like we make software that automatically flies planes now that trim down version could actually fit in
a tweet it's so short it can instantly be understood by the other person without all that other filler so anytime
you see a long-winded piece of copy think how you would distill it down and then distill it down even more and then
at that little nugget you have the real basic gist of all that copy copywriting exercise number five hand
copying famous ads so if you want to learn to write like someone let's say you want to learn to write like Warren
Buffett guess what there's a really easy way to do it you take Warren Buffett's writings maybe
his members to a shareholders and you physically start copying it down on a piece of paper it's best to handwrite
this so you get the visceral feel of it but you could also type it if you want so basically you just copy exactly
everything he says and what you're gonna notice is how he uses punctuation you know how he spaces his words how uses
periods when he enters a paragraph to add a little bit of space when he uses bullet points how he talks you're gonna
learn all these things and start picking up the Buffett way of writing by just copying what he wrote in the beginning
of my copywriting career this was something I did very very frequently I would take famous ads in fact I even
blew them up and put them on my wall and I would handwrite them to see how they wrote one of the things I noticed was
that the sentences were very short I tended to use long sentences at first and I noticed a lot of these
advertisements use relatively short sentences that were very easy to understand and very punchy and this
quickly taught me to write like that so it highly encourage you to copy down famous advertisements at least try it
one or two times to get the feel for it copywriting exercise number six push the boundaries a bit so a lot of people play
it way too safe when it comes to writing an article and what does safe mean safe is generally boring and if you're trying
to compete in a world full of attention filled grabbing things you've got to sex it up a bit so let's type in version one
this is a boring tone of an article in marketing you need to convey your point across to the desired target you need to
ensure your message is darkened and differentiated from the rest of the crowd this can be accomplished by
analyzing the competition in your industry and being different ok that's a very safe way to word this paragraph and
this article but let's see if we could sex it up a little bit if your advertisements are the exact same as all
of your boring as helll competition something is wrong change this up for you BAM that is a
little bit more casual sounding it's not way off the wall but it is a little bit more interesting and fun and energetic
to read do you remember in school you probably had a bunch of teachers and there are some teachers that were really
boring and just kind of taught you the information that you needed to know for that day and they said George Washington
was the Abraham Lincoln was this and that's all they taught you but there's some teachers that really took it to the
next level and they're like guess what George Washington did you will not believe this and you're kind of on the
edge of your seat waiting to hear what George Washington did and the way they tell the same information can make the
students remember it or just totally forget it and hate it that's why I say push the boundaries a bit you will learn
very quickly if your market is receptive to it or not copywriting exercise number seven read your copy out loud this is a
very very transformational exercise the reason most people have trouble writing is because it's a very unnatural thing
to write think about it you sit down at a desk you are looking at a screen you are typing on a keyboard you are using a
mouse and you are trying to convey information that otherwise would be spoken
if you speak to your friend you don't sit down to a keyboard and go dear Sirs to whom it may concern no you say like
hey what's up Bob so the important thing is to read your copy out loud to see if it actually translates to speaking if
you read a lot of articles and read them out loud to a crowd it would obviously sound like you're reading an article
instead read your copy out loud do it at your desk do it into a microphone what I like to do is take my iPhone and talk
into it and then I just transcribe those words and that automatically kicks me off with writing a really good article
so if you aren't having trouble with your copy or are not sure if it's a good article read it out loud and if it's
boring as hell maybe you got to push the boundaries a little bit more so read it out loud
record it and listen to it and it will really instantly tell you if you've got a good article or not copywriting
exercise the number 8 where earplugs I love this one I would say an eighth or a tenth of my waking hours is spent with
earplugs on why because there's something about putting in earplugs and they tune out the rest of the world so
whenever I sit down to write it's like I don't know how to explain this but it feels like I'm in my own head
whereas if I'm in an office setting and someone's on the phone in the background and there's kind of like some music
going on with words in it and I can hear that the drone of cars going on outside and someone says hey what's up all those
things distract my brain so for a lot of people I've given them earplugs as gifts and they say they use them all the time
there's obvious uses for like using them on planes and using them for sleeping but I would contend that if you are a
writer and you wear earplugs you will get better writing done with earplugs on so I'd highly recommend you grab a pair
and just roll them up put them in your ear and all of a sudden you're in your own world and go to town typing
copywriting exercise number 9 become a double or triple threat now now what does this mean a single threat is
someone who has one skill so if you only know how to write copy learn how to use Photoshop learn how to use Google
drawings basically learn how to make images or maybe learn some basic video editing so you can also create videos if
you're only a copywriter in this world and can only make text then you are at a severe disadvantage this is because
nowadays we have phones and desktops and internet where images and videos are as big a part of the internet as Texas so
if you can make text and images and video you are now a triple threat and you are able to communicate information
in more mediums in more ways better faster more efficiently than a single threat person so those are some of my
best copywriting exercise tips I have for you it's nine very simple things a lot of them you could do mentally and
your head they require no time at all no equipment very simple to do and some of them like buying earplugs is a matter of
five dollars so these are some really great copywriting exercises I hope you use them on a daily basis for
years I would use all of these all the time and it really really made a big difference in my career so I hope they
take these and do something with them and learn from them and I hope you enjoyed this video and if
you did like subscribe watch the other videos read the other articles and I will talk to you later

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