Although online business and internet marketing are my primary specialties when it comes to writing online, I recently renamed my blog so that I could spend more time writing about my experiences when it came to Post Traumatic Stress and depression. I also wanted to teach others how to create a great life and overcome their obstacles and challenges.

My new blog is called Over 40 and Irresistible: Secrets to Mastering the Game of Life. Not only will you find my best tips and resources for starting a business and marketing online for free, I’m also including some of my best tips for building the other areas of your life including dating and relationships, health and fitness and success principles. It’s not enough to achieve what we want to achieve in our businesses. If we don’t have the health we want or the relationships we want, we won’t enjoy what we achieve financially.

The goal is to help you have success in every area of your life. You can read my latest posts below.

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