Easy List Building

There are a ton of ways to drive traffic to your website but many people are unaware of the little known world of list builders. On first impression, list builders appear to be similar to safelists or blasters, but on further investigation there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

Safelists are essentially a membership site where everyone has permission to email everyone else. Using these systems, you can receive an unmanageable amount of messages and to make it worse, most people will block all the incoming emails but still send out emails to the list. Eventually everyone starts doing this and nobody reads the emails.

List Builders are different. A list builder allows you to email hundreds, or even thousands of double opt in people, but you’ll only receive a maximum number of emails per day.

This feature alone increases the chances of your message being read but many list builders also offer a credit based “reward” system which encourages people to read your emails.

List Builders get your messages seen and once the is prospect viewing your offer you’re halfway there. Now all you need is a killer squeeze page to convert the prospect into a customer.

Results from list builders can be quite wonderful. It’s even possible to make sales with a free account but if you choose to become a paid member the return on investment can be recouped in a considerably short space of time.

Many of the worlds top marketing professionals are using list builders to grow their lists into the tens of thousands. They are a powerful resource just waiting to be tapped into.


One other resource I would recommend you consider that will help you grow your GDI business is Easy Downlines. You can “earn while you learn.” It allows you to promote your GDI business, grow your list, and promote multiple streams of income at the same time.

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