Daily Marketing Plan

You can build all of the websites you want, or not, but if you don’t market, you’re wasting your time. No one will ever see your website.

Whether you are promoting the GDI opportunity or not, you still need to market. This simple marketing plan will help you get started.

Daily Marketing Plan

. 30 Minutes a Day

a. Write an email and send to safelists, OR,

b. Write and post a classified to the free classified ad sites, OR,

c. Surf on the traffic exchanges for 30 minutes,

d. Write and post 5 blog comments to build backlinks

. 1 Hour Per Day

1, PLUS,

a. Write and submit an article, OR,

b. Write a blog post (your blog or someone else’s), OR,

c. Post on the forums, OR,

d. Post on the Social Sites, OR

e. Create a video and submit to the video sites

3. 2 Hours Per Day

a. Send an email to the safelists (30 minutes)

b. Surf on the traffic exchanges (30 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 1/2 hours)

(If you don’t like to write, this is a great choice)

c. Any of the tasks listed in 2

Rule of 5 Marketing – Do 5 Things Per Day to Promote Your Business

For example:

1. Write and post an article

2. Create a video

3. Write a blog post

4. Surf on the traffic exchanges

5. Post an ad

In other words, choose 5 things per day to do to promote your business. If you can afford it, then outsource. The best place to do this is Fiverr.com where you may get services for $5. This includes article writing, submission services, etc.

Now, if you only have a limited amount of time, I would highly reocmmend that you sign up for IBO Toolbox. You can get an amazing amount free marketing for you. Click the link below to get started. I’ve also included a link to some excellent video training you may use, and all of this is free.

IBO Toolbox

Free IBO Toolbox Training

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If you use any or all of these resources, they will quickly improve your results and help you market any business.

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