Lesson 7 – Get Free Publicity

Whether your business is online or offline, you’re going to have to promote. Otherwise, no one will know that your business is out there.

If your business is primarily online, the way mine is, then you’re going to have to work doubly hard to let everyone know that you exist.

Even with a small promotion budget, this is possible.

1. Articles
Any articles that you have written for online publication can also be adapted for offline publication. This includes submitting to local newspapers, trade journals, and magazines.

The format for this will be slightly different because you are submitting to print publications.

There are a couple of good resources I would recommend you use to help you find places to submit your articles:

Newspaper Association of America – This resource gives you a list of many of the newspapers that are online. It includes both daily and weekly newspapers. You can also find a list of newspapers at the local library.

Writer’s Digest – Whether you’re looking for trade journals or magazines, this is one of the best resources for finding places to submit your articles.

It’s also a good idea to subscribe to some of the trade journals in your industry. Not only will this keep you up to date on your industry, but you’ll get an idea of what types of articles are being published.

Two resources I would recommend you check out, and they’re both free, are Website Magazine, and Tradepub. Website Magazine will teach you how to market your site and business. Tradepub will introduce you to hundreds of free business magazines you can subscribe to.

2. Business Cards
Never be without business cards to hand out.

First, it makes you look like a professional. Your cards don’t have to be anything fancy, but they should include your most important contact information and what you do.

Second, people tend to hold onto business cards. You never know when you might make a valuable business contact or that person might need your products or services.

3. News Releases
Although news releases and articles can be similar in that you are writing about your industry, a news release is a little more personal.

A news release tells others about your business. The important thing to remember here is that you want to make sure that it’s news, not just blatant promotion.

Free Press Release is a great place to start if you want to submit a news release, and you can do it there for free.

4. Word Of Mouth
I can’t stress the importance of this. Tell others you know about your business. They may know someone that needs your products or services.

Tell strangers about your business. It seems that the first thing people will ask when you first meet them is: “What do you do?”

Your local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to get started if you want to meet fellow entrepreneurs. You can also join organizations like Toastmasters and give speeches on topics relevant to your industry.

How you promote your business is only limited by your imagination. Try various techniques and find out what works. This is the first step to building a successful marketing campaign.

This is the end of your course. You may still have questions, or need resources. I’ll do my best to provide both. Join my list, submit a support ticket to my support desk, and visit my other websites as they have plenty of content, as well as free resources you can download. The value of free resources is really in finding out whether a particular marketer will have the answer you are looking for. This will save you a lot of money.