Lesson 5 – Create Something of Value

If you’ve created a web site, and you now have original content to offer your customers, you have already taken most of the steps to creating value for your customers.

However, there is one technique here I would like to share with you that will increase your sales and help you capture your customers email addresses so that you can market to them again and again.

This method works particularly well if the affiliate programs you are promoting are through ClickBank because you can get the contact information for anyone who has bought products through your affiliate links.

To give value to the affiliate programs you are marketing, create a free report to give to those who buy through your affiliate links.

When you make a sale, if through Clickbank, log in and get the customer’s contact information. Follow up with a thank you note and a download link to the free report.

You can also advertise the free report on your web site as a bonus for buying through you. You can also include this information on your product review page.

Make sure that you display this information prominently on your web site so that your customer can contact you to receive the bonus, and make sure it is easy for your customer to receive the bonus, i.e he/she sends you a copy of the receipt.

Follow up as soon as possible. Don’t make the customer wait a week before he/she hears from you.

You can also create free ebooks and reports to submit to the ebook directories. Give your free report a catchy title and write a catchy description to it. Submit it to the directories. Don’t forget to include your contact information in your report so the reader can visit your site and buy from you.

Weave your affiliate links into the report.

Here are a couple of ebook directories to submit to:

Ebook Directory

Ebook Palace

You can also check at Yahoo Groups for places to advertise both your free report and your mailing list.

If you give before you get, and overdeliver before you do, you will get customers. You will make money.

Bonus Tip

Here is a way to get a lot more traffic to your free ebook quickly.

All you have to do is create a PAD file and submit it to the software directories. There are thousands of software directories on the internet, and this will give you a lot of traffic.

Now, how do you create a PAD file? It’s really very simple.

You will need some software or an online tool to help you write this file. Then all you have to do is add the information that the software to use to create the PAD file.

Here is a tool you can get for free: PAD GENERATOR

Write your PAD file. After you have generated this file, you’ll need to upload it to a directory on your website and then submit it to the software directories through the website listed above.