Lesson 4 – Provide Original Content For Your Web Site Visitors

You don’t have to be a great writer to create great content for your business.

Below are some ideas for creating content for your business and where you can find other great content you can add to your site in minutes.

1. Write articles.

Writing articles allows you to create content that can then be molded into other formats like podcasts and videos.

a. Create a list or write a how to.

For example, if your site is on gardening tools, you could write an article on “X number of garden tools you need to create a beautiful garden”.

Make each tool part of the list. Under each tool (point), explain what that tool will do for your reader’s garden.

With the how to, you simply explain step-by-step how to do something.

When you write your how to, make sure you test it before you publish it to make sure the steps works. Proof your writing, checking for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, and then publish it.

2. Write reviews.

You want to write a review of every affiliate program you are marketing on your site. Tell what you like about that program. Explain why you bought the product, and you should have bought the product before you started marketing it. Nothing destroys your credibility faster than a lousy product. If you haven’t bought your product, how do you really know how good it is?

Tell something about the product that is only included in the product itself. Include a link to the sales page so that the reader can click thru after reading the review.

3. Create interactive content.

It’s very easy to add this type of content to your site. Usually this only requires you to cut and paste a little code.

Examples of interactive content would be message boards, calculators, chat, free ads, articles from other writers etc.

Here are some sites where you can get interactive content for free:

Brave Net


You can also use free scripts. Here are a couple of sites to help you:


Javascript Source

Carefully plan your content and weave it into your site. Keep your customers coming back for more.