Lesson 1: Four Things You Can Do to Outsell Other Affiliates

Lesson 1 – Four Things You Can Do to Outsell Other Affiliates

Affiliate programs are a great way for you to make money because they are usually free to get into, and with the right affiliate programs, you can make a lot of money.

The problem is, if affiliate programs are such a great way to make money, why are only about five per cent of affiliates making any real income?

It’s because they may know things you don’t know.

First, if you haven’t built a web site, you need to. With your own domain name, and paid web hosting, customers are more likely to take you seriously than if you are only marketing an affiliate url.

Second, with your own domain name and web site, you can market more than one affiliate program so that you increase your chances of making a profit, and you can generate multiple income streams.

The most important reason for owning your own domain and web hosting is that you can build lead capture pages and drive traffic to those lead capture pages. By building a list, you’ll can market more than one program to those who are on your lists. This will help you increase your sales without any extra effort on your own part.

These are the four things I highly recommend you do if you want to make more money from your affiliate programs.

1. Write your own ads.
You’ve probably seen the same ads 1000s of times. If you’re like I am, you’ve probably clicked away.

If you write your own ads though, you are giving the potential customer something fresh to look at. You are more likely to get the click.

If the thought of doing this scares you, there’s no reason you can’t just simply rewrite the ads or sales materials you’re offered by the merchant. Just make sure you check the terms of service to find out what you are allowed to do.

2. Build your own web site.
I’ve already mentioned this one. Having your own domain and web site gives you credibility. Customers are more likely to take you seriously if you have your own domain name and paid web hosting.

It doesn’t cost that much nowadays to do this either. If you’re really short on money, then I would recommend Doteasy. You get free web hosting when you buy a domain. It only costs $25 a year, and makes it really easy for you to get started.

For those who want to get started for free, I’ve also found a new deal for you: Domain name, hosting and website builder for only $19.95 per year. Sign up with Yola now!

3. Provide original content.
You can write articles, reviews for your affiliate programs, a newsletter and create interactive content. Offer your potential customers something they can’t find anywhere else.

The best thing you can do here is create a newsletter, even if it’s only once a month. The advantage is that you can capture the name and email address of the person who might buy from you. This gives you a chance to market to this person again and again.

If you don’t like writing, buy PLR and rewrite it. I often do this if I’m stuck for ideas or I am short on time.

Two sites I recommend, and they both offer a free option are:

Resell Rights Weekly

4. Create something of value.
If you are selling a product from an affiliate program, you are offering your customers the same thing everyone else is. If you have your own web site, you can offer your customers something they won’t find anywhere else. This could be a free report, a free ebook, or a piece of software.

The important thing you should do is create something no one else is offering. Create something original and exclusive customers can only get from you.