4 Step Copywriting System to Sell Anything (Video)

4-step copywriting formula

Whether your business is online or brick and mortar, there are only three things you need to make money: an offer, an audience, and a marketing channel.

For most business owners, coming up with an offer it’s the easy part. Trying to figure out who to market to or where to market is much harder.

So when you’re choosing your offer, make sure you understand who your audience is. Get to know them. Understand their demographics, and most importantly, understand what problems they struggle with. Then it’s easy to figure out where to market. You can find the right marketing channel by doing your research.

Once you understand what your offer is, who your audience is, and where you want to market, then you need to design a message that will help you connect with your audience. Copywriting will help you do that.

In this video, the owner of Khala Marketing explains a four-step process you can use to write the perfect marketing message to your audience. Use this formula to make a cheat sheet and then keep this on your desk when you’re writing your marketing messages.

The best part of this formula is that it will help you determine the problems of your audience and then you can show them how to solve those problems with your product or service. No one is looking to buy products or services. Your potential customers want their problems solved, and you can use your copy to show them how you can solve their problems.

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