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I Sent You an Email. Why Didn't You Answer Me Back?


I no longer use email for several reasons:

1. It's inefficient. Because of spam I receive thousands of emails each day, including autoreplies from people on my list who just subscribe to sell me stuff. I just don't have time to sort through all of that stuff, so I delete it.

2. Email gets lost; support tickets don't. If you post a ticket to my support desk, I will see it, and I will do my best to answer as promptly as possible. Some days I don't even log into my email because I simply don't have time. I'm a one person business. I do all of my support. I only have time to support people who actually have genuine questions or problems that only I can solve.

If you need support, then use the support desk. If you need to cancel your Killer Marketing Arsenal account, then contact Clickbank or JVZoo. They do all of my billing and handle most of my support. This way I can support my customers more efficiently.

You can also log into your Pay Pal account and cancel your subscription from there. If you purchased through Clickbank, the subscription will be listed as Clickbank. If you purchased through JV Zoo, it it will list JV Zoo.



JV Zoo

As soon as your payment is processed, you are taken to the download page. If you are not returned to the page, make sure you click return to site. Clickbank will send you an email with a link to the download page. To access your purchase through JV Zoo, you must click the link in the top right corner of the JV Zoo site for my purchases. Then access the link through there.

Access My Purchases on JVZoo

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